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What is MOMSnext?
MOMSnext is a group experience designed to encourage, equip, and develop mothers of school-age kids. This group meets alongside MOPS and provides a relevant community where mothers of school-age kids can come just as they are, to experience authentic community, personal growth, practical help, and spiritual hope. (childcare provided through age 7)
What does a MOMSnext group look like?
• MOMSnext groups can vary in size but are often smaller, more intimate groups.
• MOMSnext groups often attract moms who desire to discuss core parenting issues.
• Some moms who join MOMSnext were never part of MOPS.
• MOMSnext groups can meet as often as they like with some meeting twice a month and others meeting only once a month, some meet during the day and others meet at night.
• Some MOMSnext groups partner with existing MOPS groups to alleviate the burden of childcare. Some even share leadership meetings.
• Most MOMSnext groups alternate between hearing a speaker and teaching from a curriculum.
Note: each MOMSnext group may differ in specifics, but every MOMSnext group includes:
• A value on mothering in the school years
• Leadership development
• Relational evangelism
• Connection to a local church • Service
Why should I join MOMSnext?
• MOMSnext is relationally relevant. Topics meet the specific and demanding needs of the school- age moms in each group.
• MOMSnext may cost less because of limited childcare needs and the potential to partner with a classic MOPS group.
• MOMSnext is focused on outreach and bringing new families to church.
• Your MOMSnext group will be designed around the needs of moms in your community.
• The MOMSnext Forums on MOPS.org and MOPSLeaders.org allow moms and leaders to gain information and ideas from other MOMSnext moms and groups.
• MOMSnext is a next step for many MOPS moms who outgrow preschool topics, but desire to continue being encouraged, equipped and developed. 

What topics can MOMSnext cover?
Any topics that address the needs of the moms in your MOMSnext group including: • Character development
• Homework
• Money management for children
• Work choices
• Balancing family activities
• Manners and how to raise grateful children
• School choices
• Aging
• Navigating the school system
• Sex education and puberty
• Bullying and choosing friends
• Time management
• Raising accountable kids and internet safety
• Multi-intelligences of children (How am I Smart by Kathy Koch) • Family time and dinners 

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